Southern California Vegetarians

*** Southern California Vegetarians (SoCalVeg) affiliation for social events ***

   SoCalVeg affiliated social activities are usually planned and coordinated by various individuals and publicized in various ways including utilizing the SoCalVeg email list and website. Whether or not the events are SoCalVeg affiliated, we are happy to publicize any non-commercial vegan social activities in Southern California through email (one or two emails a month listing various events), our website, etc.
   For a social event to be SoCalVeg affiliated we usually require it to be vegan, free, reasonably open to the public and amicable. Elaborately, we usually solicit / require the following:-
   > The main planners / coordinators of the event should be interested in (or at least okay with) having the event be SoCalVeg affiliated.
   > All items that are a part of the event must be vegan (no non-vegan foods, no fashion show with non-vegan clothing, etc).
   > The event should be open to (almost) everyone. Avoid uninviting individuals or groups, unless there is a very good reason (an enemy of a friend is not a good enough reason by itself). Subculture / gender / ... oriented events may be okay, but subculture / gender / ... restricted events are not okay.
   > Try to confirm enough (say at least six) people for the event.
   > The event should be related to vegetarianism (veganism). It can be oriented around issues / themes but not entities. e.g. A vegan Gothic party or a vegan books event or Ahimsa event would be okay. A Marilyn Manson fan club meeting, or a John Robbins book signing event, or becoming a Jain event would not be okay. It is okay to have a featured speaker or singer or ... at the event, but it can not be the main event.
   > The event should be in Southern California (though currently we focus on the LA area, we hope to have various area based listings).
   > If any two specific events are likely to significantly detract from each other if they are around the same date and place, then sufficient consideration should be given to schedules and locations that would alleviate the issue.
   > The event should not be canceled unless there is a very good reason for it. If we have reason to believe the host / coordinator is not as reliable, we would be hesitant to affiliate the event with SoCalVeg.
   > The event should be free of charge. Buying / selling should be discouraged at the event (introducing products / services, soliciting donations, etc. are usually okay, but we don't want anyone to feel pressured to spend on anything). We would also be open to events that do have a charge as long as it is a reasonable amount that is a necessary part of the event (e.g. The ticket price for a movie or cruelty free circus). If and when an event requires an upfront cost, we do understand that some means will be needed to recuperate the cost, but we would be hesitant to be affiliated with such events till we become a non-profit (currently we are non-financial). We can still help publicize it though.
   > As far as feasible, people should have the option to not participate in any aspect of an event (e.g. People should not be required to gather around the table, or be required to introduce themselves, or watch some program or listen to a speaker, etc.). It is okay to require people to not interfere with any aspect of an event.
   > Reasonable attempts be made to keep unwelcome behaviors / conduct in check (e.g. drinking related problems, threats, thefts, aggressive swearing, sexual harassment, etc.). This is really the responsibility of anyone and everyone. But, hopefully those who represent SoCalVeg will make it a point to speak up when necessary (so far, it has rarely been necessary at SoCalVeg affiliated events).
   > The event should be amicable for (almost) everyone (including non-vegetarians and vegetarian non-vegans). It doesn't mean that we have to cater to everybody. We don't want policies / statements to be unduly hostile towards anyone, as it would greatly detract from our primary purpose (which is to educate people on the benefits of a plant-based diet on the environment, human health, treatment of animals and world hunger).
Below are under consideration.
    > No events specifically promoting any specific religion (may make an exception for Veganism or its variants), political party or culture? No famous vegetarian caucasians awards. No Wiccan vegetarian rituals. No Tibetan vegetarianism?!? No Gothic vegetarian blood fest?!?
    This point may be combined (and resolved) with an earlier point - "The event should be related to vegetarianism (veganism). It can be oriented around issues / themes but not entities".
    > Since our primary purpose is education, the events should not risk alienating significant portions of the general public, whether they are conservatives or liberals, religious or irreligious, etcetera.
    This point may be combined with the point that reads "event should be amicable". It may make it unnecessary to include a guideline about not specifically promoting specific religions, cultures, political parties, etc.
    > Having, one or more SoCalVeg representatives at any affiliated event would be desirable. They are to oversee the compliance of an event with SoCalVeg affiliation guidelines. The hosts / co-ordinators may be able to play this part as long as one or more people who we find reliable can vouch for the other persons under consideration.

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