Southern California Vegetarians

Radio Station Call List

(list updated in Nov 2007)

This is an EASY list for people to use. People can print it out, and when ever they are driving (using a hands free device), or just geting ready for bed or something, they can make a quick call. It is SO EASY. Doesn't take time (hardly), gas, or money, but the vegan message will reach thousands every time someone makes a short call and it's broadcasted. Please MAKE IT BRIEF (unless otherwise prompted) with the music stations, so that they can use the recorded bit over a song. You could call to mention an interesting vegetarian fact, event, or opinion. The friendlier, more passionate, or otherwise appealing your call is the more likely it will help promote veganism.


FM RADIO STATION STUDIO LINES ONLY (In LA, CA & near LA, CA) (with some feedback as provided by Monique)
------------------------------ -----------------------------------------
88.3 fm KUCR 1.951.827.KUCR or 1.951.827.5827
88.5 fm KCSN (Cal State University Northridge) 1.949.582.5727
88.3 fm KPCC (NPR) 1.626.585.7893
88.9 fm KUCI 1.949.824.KUCI or 1.949.824.5824
88.9 fm KXLU 1.310.338.2866
89.9 fm KCRW (NPR) 1.310.450.5183
90.7 fm KPFK 1.818.985.KPFK or 1.818.985.5735
91.5 fm KUSC (University of Southern California)
91.9 fm KCSB 1.805.893.2424 & 1.805.893.2425
92.3 fm KCMG (Hot 92 Jamz) 1.866.HOT.JAMZ or 1.866.468.5269
93.1 fm KCBS (Jack FM-Rock) 1.800.292.9393
93.5 fm KDAY (Hip Hop) 1.323.520.5329
93.9 fm KMVN (Movin 93-9 -Adult Hits) 1.800.977.1939
94.7 fm KTWV (The Wave - Jazz) 1.800.520.WAVE or 1.800.520.9283
95.5 fm KLOS (Classic Rock) 1.800.955.KLOS or 1.800.955.5567
95.9 fm KFSH (Christian) 1.866.FISH.959 or 1.866.347.4959
96.3 fm KXOL (Best of Latino - Top 40) 1.877.963.0963
97.1 fm KLSX (Free FM-Talk) 1.888.520.9710 & 1.213.520.9710 (Sat. 11/3/07, 8:21pm DJ was hostile to my "Happy Vegan Month" comment. He told me to "Go to hell" and hung-up.
98.7 fm KYSR (Rock) 1.800.STAR.987 or 1.800.782.7987 (DJ Kade Saturday, 11/3, 8:30pm dj was very friendly & said he was a vegan)
99.5 fm KKLA ( Christian talk & Health infomercials) 1.818.956.5552
100.3 fm KRBV (V100-R&B) 1.888.696.1003 Nice receptive dj. Said he was eatting Soul Vegan Food from some Soul Vegan Restaurant. He was serious. He said he ate meat, but this food was delicious
101.1 fm KRTH (K-Earth Oldies) 1.800.232.KRTH or 1.800.232.5784 Nice dj Sat. 11/3, 8:45pm female vegan dj was very receptive, and recorded me saying "Happy Vegan Month," and she prompted me to say more.
101.5fm KGFM (Country) 1.661.842.KGFM or 1.661.842.5436
102.3 fm KJLH (Christian) 1.310.520.5554
102.7 fm KIIS (R & B) 1.800.520.1027
103.1 fm (Indie 103.1-Rock) 1.877.900.1031 Nice dj at 8:30pm 11/4 Sunday
103.5 fm KOST (The Kost) 1.800.929.KOST, 1.800.929.5678
104.3 fm KBIG (Adult Hits) 1.800.KBIG.104 or 1.800.524.4104
105.5 fm KBUE 1.866.347.4959
105.9fm KPRW (Power 106 - Where Hip Hop Lives) 1.888.520.1059 or 1.818.520.1059
106.7 fm KROQ (Rock) 1.800.520.1067
107.1 fm KLYY (Spanish) 1.661.842.5559

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